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Saturday, April 22, 2023, 7:00 pm
First United Methodist Church, Round Rock, TX

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This year, on Earth Day, join the Round Rock Community Choir and Round Rock Youth Choir as we explore the theme of water flowing through our stories, our environment, and our lives. 

Water is life. Every living thing on the planet depends on it to survive. 

Clean water is critical to health, hygiene, and dignity. Water connects us with creation through ocean waves, clouds in the sky, and pouring rain. The force of water is so powerful it shapes the land around us.  

In our souls, water can lead us to reflection, peace, and harmony. 

During our upcoming concert, you will enjoy serious and light-hearted selections, including “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Take Me to the River,” “Seal Lullaby,” “Wade in the Water,” “Singing in the Rain,” and more.  

Come to the Water…


Round Rock Community Choir performances funded in part by the City of Round Rock Arts & Culture.