The members of the Round Rock Community Choir share a passion for singing, learning and sharing our music with the community. We hail from across the Travis and Williamson County area and represent a wide variety of ages, musical backgrounds and training. But we agree on one thing. Since 1985, our commitment to artistic excellence and community enrichment remains the cornerstone of the organization as we continue to provide concert-goers with the finest choral experiences, featuring challenging and exciting programs performed by a talented ensemble of singers.

Round Rock Community Choir Members 2017-2018 Season: 

Cylinda Areno   Viria Kratzert
Matt Areno   Kristen Kunz
Slater Areno   Rebecca Kurowski
Laura Armbrust   Linda LeCates
Mindy Boulton   Bob Ledman
Jay Brees   Pam Leschber
Lorilyn Brown   Nathan Lucky
Alissa Bruce   Mindy Marquez
Lou Bryan   Erica Martinez
Sarah Clawson   Sarah Martinez
Kerry Coward   Maddie Montgomery
Cliff Cromwell   Barbara Morrison
Lois Cromwell   Sara Mouzakis
Paul Davenport   John Myers
Debbie Dean   Terry Myers
Susan Demeo   Kayla Naab
Lauren Dill   Connie Naylor
Christian Erben   JD Neans
Marianna Foran   Mary Helen Parks
Gail Fuller   Marcie Peck
Rachel Gaulden   Elliot Pena
Claire Gerhardstein   Gale Pena
Marvin Goad   Leigh Petersen
Stuart Goldsmith   Susan Pierson
Linda Goldsmith   Randy Preston
Tim Griffin   Susan Putnam
Jerry Gutierrez   Jenni Rahman
Roy Gutierrez   Dale Ricklefs
Jill Haehnal   Dot Rochelle
Steve Haney   Gary Rochelle
Heather Hardesty   Joyce Rogers
Desiree Hawkins   Melody Ryan
Rhonda Hendrickson   William Seminerio
Vanessa Herrera   Tina Seminerio
Toni Hill   Jeff Shirley
Susan Hu   Lindsay Smith
Sean Hudson   Marshall Sprigg
Leighann Hurley   Susan Sprigg
Mia Johanson   Sam Staggs
Heather Jones   Kim Stiles
Heather Jurgenson   Anne Summers
Gayle Kahler   Jennifer Thomas
Jordan Kapusinski   Kiki  Thompson
Jennifer Kisel   Kathyrn Towse
Benjamin Kisel   Jan Vander Leest
Melanie Klingelberger   Chris Walker
Satu Korby   Kathy Wieland
      Chrystal Windham


Mike Rosensteel in rehearsal with the Round Rock Community Choir.

The Round Rock Community Choir welcomes concert attendees

Round Rock Community Choir members in rehearsal

Preparing for a Round Rock Community Choir concert

Two young singers in the Round Rock Community Choir


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