Our generous sponsors are the fuel that makes the Round Rock Community Choir run. Without them, we would not be able to bring the caliber of music to the Round Rock area that we have for more than three decades.

To learn more about giving to the Round Rock Community Choir, visit the "How To Sponsor Us" page.  There is a sponsorship level that is perfect for you. Thank you for supporting the choir!  

2022-2023 Season Sponsors:

Platinum Sponsors ($5,000 and above)  City of Round Rock   RR Play Logo White Star Horizontal

Silver Sponsors

($1,000 - $2,499)

Tony and Phyllis Befi

Scott and Rebecca Feldman

Kristen and Ray Kunz

JD and Glenn Neans

Gary and Dot Rochelle

Melody Ryan

Jane Sarosdy and Dan Simms

Bronze Sponsors

($500 - $999)

Kathryn and Jay Brees

Carla and Elbert David

Sean and Jeanine Hudson

Terry Myers, Realtor with Exp Realty

Robert O'Farrell

Susan and Jim Putnam

Annette and Jeffrey Ransom

Schwab Charitable

Susan and Marshall Sprigg

Steve and Keitha Wilson

Crystal Sponsors

($250 - $499)

Debbie and Pat Dean and June Kunkel

Kristy Ditzler

Mia and John Johansen

Linda LeCates

Dale and Randy Ricklefs

Marc and Cathy Smith

Kathy and Jim Wieland

Donors (up to $249)
Amber Stutts
Carlisle and Lou Bryan
Carson Smith
Celia Greenwald
Chris and Lee Cromwell
David and Karen Schmidt
David Ashley
Denise Drennan
Elizabeth Easton
Elizabeth Smith
Gala4 LLC
Helen Michael
Janice Parker
Kimberly Pollini
Larry and Pam Leschber
Lori Peck
Lynn Renaud
Mary Clare Klingelberger
Matt Lemons
Meredith Bryant
Oz Areno
Paula Holmes
Richard and Shirley Gentry
Robert Martinez
Sean Sprigg
Tamara Danieli
Taylor Ory
Tim and Pat James
Vivana Vera
Williamson County Equipment Co.